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Transportation and storage

Transportation and storageAlcoteK® aluminium composite panels (ACP) are delivered as panels of standard dimensions. Panel top face is coated by a special protective film to preserve paint-and-lacquer layer when handling, transporting, processing or erecting curtain wall systems.

AlcoteK® ACP bottom side has been marked. The following data is indicated on marked labels: a material type, a batch number, a date of manufacturing. Direction of cassettes assembling is also indicated on the label thus providing the possibility to check the panel position while cutting.

Transportation and storage

Packing and Storage guidance

Transportation and storageAlcoteK® ACPs are stacked onto standard pallets for the purpose of transportation and storage. Panels are placed in pairs with top face to each other and coated by the protective polyethylene film. Pallets are tied up by tension bands of at least 10 mm width. AlcoteK® ACP vertical storage with 10о deviation from vertical plane is permitted. During AlcoteK® ACP storekeeping and storage avoid dust, sand, dirt, etc. ingress between ACP top faces causing damage of ACP top faces.



Transportation and storageTransportation and storageDO NOT PUT any items on ACP in order to prevent damage of a protective film and paint-and-lacquer layer.

Stacking of sheets with various dimensions into one stack is prohibited since panels’ edges can cause scratches and hollows formation on surfaces of other panels. During pallets’ manual unloading and transshipment sliding of panels relative to each other, physical impacts on panels’ surface (including walking across panels) are prohibited.
 Transportation and storage                 Transportation and storage  Transportation and storage                 Transportation and storage

Transportation guidance

Pallets may be delivered by all means of transportation in accordance with Goods Transportation Regulations. For AlcoteK® ACP transportation pallets stacks are fastened by textile belts across stacks and secured to delivery vans. Additional stoppers provide pallets with stability in a vehicle.

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