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Mounting and exploitation

To provide the pleasing appearance and quality of lacquer coating and meeting all the requirements by Alcotek composite panels throughout the service life, some very important regulations on mounting and exploitation of the panels must be followed.

Mountin guidance:

Mounting and exploitationMounting and exploitation

  • Direction to apply paint and lacquer layer during panels’ manufacturing is indicated by arrows on the protective film covering the panel’s top face as well as on marking labels applied on the panel’s bottom side.
  • During panels’ cutting and installation on the facade, one should follow the arrows’ direction in order to exclude color shades visual variations under different light patterns of the item.

Mounting and exploitation



The protective film applied on the panel’s top face should be removed immediately upon completion of panels’ installation on separate façade areas. Long term presence of the protective film on the façade can result in its deformation or “sticking” to the coating thus making its removal more difficult.

Exploitation guidance:

Mounting and exploitationMounting and exploitation

  • It is recommended to wash panels with typical detergents with further water flushing if panels have been contaminated during their operation.
  • Panels should be washed only in the morning before heating of façade facing by sunlight. (AlcoteK® ACP to be cold).
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